Friday, 7 May 2010


This is my new bike.

I have not named it. Globe called it Vienna. If someone steals it I will be devastated. I have cycled to work three times last week. Since then I have:
  • Cycled 45 miles (phew).
  • Preached to all of my friends and the decorator about the benefits of cycling (he was fascinated).
  • Found a way to bring up my bike, bike routes, fluorescent jackets, what I think of baskets into most conversation.
  • Been nearly knocked off once, I like the sound of skidding breaks.
  • Got lost and ended up in Camberwell, or was it Stockwell.
  • Slept very well.
  • Amassed bruises on my shins.
  • Felt happy, healthy and totally obsessed.
I have not been so absorbed and boring about something since I started wearing contact lenses.

Soon I am going to buy a racer. Image below is from Day Dream Lilly where you can find lots of floaty, dreamy  photography.


Anonymous said...

love the color of the bike! have a lovely weekend :)

xo Alison

Thea said...

It's great isn't it? I really love her dress too. Have a great weekend too! x